Waste & Sludge Reducer

Waste & Sludge Reducer(Exclusive Soil Probiotic for Farm)

Water Quality Improvement Formula Waste & Sludge Reducer™ (WSR™) targets the build-up of organic material and sludge on the bottom of ponds and lakes. As this material accumulates, it forms a layer on the bottom that when left unchecked, will contribute to the degradation of the water body. WSR™ rapidly consumes this layer, which helps improve the water quality. WSR™ is also very effective at eliminating offensive odors, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. • Control Organic Sludge Between Growth Cycles • Reduces BOD, NH3-N, NO2-N, N03-N and TSS • Improves Growth and Survival in Aquatic Pond Systems • Helps Improve Nutrient Recycling and Reduces Phosphorus Levels • Helps Stabilize Phytoplankton and Sustain Oxygen levels.

Features & Benefits:

Removes Organic Muck & Waste Removes Up To 3 Feet Of Muck A Year Use In High Traffic Areas or Over Entire Lake Bed Reduces Rotten Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Helps Reduce Fish Disease & Foul Taste Convenient Water-Soluble, Toss-In Bag Application.




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